Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long holidays... But lazy to BLOG lo...

Though I've taken a day off yesterday (clear leave, I have another half day to burn this month), I didn't go back to Ipoh. Reason is I don't wish to get myself stuck in the traffic, as I foresee that NS highway would be jammed on Sunday (Raya clans racing back to KL from respective hometowns).

Hmm... I've not wasted my holiday just yet. I've spend Malaysia Day in Ching Yee's house. It's like a mini house warming session. I kinda like CY's multi-house warming sessions. Maybe I would adapt the same approach when the time comes. :) 

As for yesterday and today, I've kept myself busy in doing house-chores and spring cleaning. 

I've cleaned my BJ room whole of yesterday (mainly organizing, clearing and cleaning stuffs). Man... I should have taken a pic of that ultra-dusty fan!!! I think I never cleaned it for at least 6 months~!!! No wonder la no wind... Now super windy ady! (>.<)

Today, I went to coco's house for basic cleaning. Coco and AhSoh will be back to town on 31-Sept-2010 (they left on 9-Aug-2010). I don't want to have them step into an ultra dusty place, bad for baby. Well... I don't expect the house to be so dusty after being barren for almost 2 months. Windows and doors tightly sealed, yet the dust accumulation is terrible! I spent 5 hours dusting the place (I cincai, only dusted places that I see and easy to reach), vacuuming and mopping the place!! (>.<)

After what I've gone through these 2 days. I vow to clean my place regularly (with discipline)!!!

Hmmm... Ever since I adopt my LX5 baby, I really don't have time for blogging. Hmm... Maybe I should blog on the photos that I have taken instead on posting in FB? Hmm... Maybe I should... I shall do that from tomorrow onwards!!!! Am having a food fiesta with Kelly tomorrow~!!! We shall be busy taking pictures for sure. She will work on her Nikon D3000 while  me on Lumix LX5. We have to prepare ourselves for Fong's wedding on 3-Oct-2010. Wish us luck~!!! **WinK-WinK**

I've been feasting non-stop every weekend+public holidays since mid-August:
  • Melaka trip on Merdeka Day (Whole day eating), 
  • CY furniture hunting in Puchong (Brunch in Ah Xian Dimsum, Dinner in Kimchi Haru), 
  • LX5 hunting in Kajang (Lunch in Restoran Malaysia, Dinner in Ipoh Kopitiam), 
  • Merdeka weekend (Fri >> BBQ & Steamboat in Yin Choo's, Sat >> Dinner in Pappa Rich followed by dessert in Strawberry Moment, Sun >> Lunch in cave side seafood restaurant, Dinner in Riche Montana), 
  • Kg Jawa Seafood last Wednesday, 
  • CY's house-warming on Thursday (Whole day eating) and 
  • tomorrow (Lunch and Dinner with Kelly)!!! 
Arrgghhhhhh!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! I need to diet desperately!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A truly INSPIRING video clip

Many thanks to Lena for sharing this inspiring video in Facebook

The clip reminds us to think and act like a kid. Well... I guess it's true. We tend to doubt more as we grow older. So, instead of getting braver (or wiser), we become more timid as we grow older (a.k.a we grow more stupid as we aged!!!). 

Timidity is what stop us from achieving our goals and dreams. So, the verdict: STOP growing OLD and think like a KID again!!! Let our original creativity rules! :)

Restless weekend

Phew... What a hectic traveling weekend~!!! I've spent most of my time in the bus/car instead of doodling at home.

  1. Thu ~ Came back to Ipoh after work at 7.00pm (2.5hrs)
  2. Fri ~ Headed to Penang (1.45hrs), then spent a night Sungai Petani (0.5hrs)
  3. Sat ~ Visited relatives in SP, attended sabbath service in SP church then back to Ipoh at 10pm (2 hrs)
  4. Sun ~ Heading back to Kuala Lumpur at 3.00pm (2.5hrs)
Am I the driver? Well, no... But it still felt tiring to travel so much lo... xP

Oh, tomorrow I need to work. Dammmm... I can't take the day off tomorrow because more than 50% of aunties+uncles (I meant parents) in my team took the day off. Hence, I have to stay put in the office.

Anyhow, tomorrow is my last day working as a programmer in Delivery Channels section. I will be reporting as a BA in level 41 on 1-Sept-2010. Man... Tomorrow's gotta be a busy day for me. I've yet to do any packing (4 years junk cleaning in half a day). After packing, another headache will arise -- Moving of stuffs from level 30 to level 41, no mover is likely to be involved as I'm just a SMALL POTATO...  Well, let's just hope that EPF don't bring me anymore production trouble tomorrow. Let me leave DC happily and light hearted!!! CROSSING FINGERS and PRAYING HARD! (-m-)

The feeling that hits me now??? NOTHING. No excitement at ALL. 

Why??? I've waited 4 months for this to happen (usually it takes only 1 month). I guess my 'excitement' was flushed out clean through the toilet bowl together with my stools many-many months ago. (-____-)

FYI, the excitement for the new house is disappearing too... SiGH. That's realism of life, baby. ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In progress... Til WHEN?!!

Why? Why? Why la the stupid developer kena winding petitions? The stupid back-dated issue caused massive trouble for me!

I expected to get my apartment in September!!! My lawyer updated me that it will be delayed. Dammit. "Let's hope that things will go smoothly and you will get the house by end of year." Dammit!

My ears are killing me (mom's nagging + false claims is super annoying), my heart is getting weaker (I don't know IF I have strength to take more 'surprises') and the hole in my pockets are growing BIGGER (I paid the freaking 10% and 9K legal fees).

Yeah, 9K for lousy services!!! KNS!!! I should have studied law!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lama tak jumpa

The view of the lake is breath-taking. Both of us put our own backpacks on nearby bench. Dad starts unpacking his Nikon N90 and and setting up the tripod. He's looking good and superb in his red and yellow striped polo-t. He's standing upright with a straight back. Each movements made are agile, speedy and accurate. 

"Well, daddy... How's life been?". 

Pointing at his round tummy, he smiles and says, "It's obvious, right?! Life's pretty good here. I really need to get my butt moving and do more outdoor activities like this to get rid of this freaking barrel of mine."

"I get what you mean, dad. I guess we should really do this more often TOGETHER to BOOST our father and daughter bond! Okla, I promise will make time to some back more often to accompany." I vow in my heart to keep this new promise of mine to dad as the new resolution in my list.

Dad turns and starts snapping away...

"Bang! Bang!"
My neighbor's having a major house renovation. I open my eyes. Only then I realize that the image I've seen previously was merely a dream. Daddy looked so real and solid just now... It actually makes me forget the fact that he's left us for almost 4.5 years (6-May 2006).

Well, I guess the dream serves a reminder to me. It's been quite some time ago since I last visited dad's tomb. Well, I'm sorry dad... But it feels great to know that you are doing very well at the new place. You even picked up photography!!! I also want to do the same liao... :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's AirAsia promo again...

Yup, yup, yup... It's time to SNATCH cheapo tickets to go vacation! WooHoo~!!! Thank God we have AirAsia (*AheM** High credits to Tony Fernandez)! Let's recap where will I go soon. Hehehehe... (^O^)v 

1. Lake Toba in October 2010

2. Bangkok in January 2011

3. Pulau Redang in June 2011

Ayuyu... Really can't wait for my long awaited vacations laaaa!!!! Excited-nye...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I've finally watched Leo DiCaprio's INCEPTION in IOI Mall last Sunday. Went into the cinema without preparation. Umm... I didn't expect to have my brain work so hard in a movie... LoL!

I came out from the cinema feeling very confused and blur. How many dreams are there in total? How come Cobb and Saito woke up straight in the plane? Why would Cobb lied to Mal that limbo world is reality?

Well, thanks to Kelly for providing me the Inception's FAQ (done by die hard fans I guess). My doubts are all explained!!!

What's the original plan of the Inception mission?
In Level 1, time in the dream: 1 week. Idea to be planted: I will not follow my father's footsteps. Method: Eames disguises and impersonates Browning, Fischer's godfather and convinces him that his father loves him and doesn't want him to follow his footsteps. Cobb gets a random number from Fischer's mind to set the hotel room number in level 2. Yusuf drives with everyone in the van to the bridge where they can perform the Kick. Kick: the van hit through the barrier and off the bridge.

In Level 2, time in the dream: 6 months. Idea to be planted: I will create something for myself. Method: Eames reminds Fischer about the number. The team tricks Fischer by letting Fischer's projection of Browning tells him that his father (so it seems self-generated) has an alternate will which supersedes the other and his father wants him to split his empire. Kick: to have the floor of the hotel room with everyone (528) drop from underneath by triggering the explosives in 491 below.

In Level 3, time in the dream: 10 years. Idea to be planted: My father doesn't want me to be him. Method: By now, the random number Fischer comes up will be the security code for his safe. His projection of father should appear in the vault. Eames need to come up with something to put in the safe (paper fan from the picture Fischer cherished most) to let Fischer thinks that his father doesn't want Fischer to be him. Kick: Drop from exploding the hospital floor.

All the kicks are synchronized. Dropping hospital floor sends them to Level 3, dropping hotel floor sends them to Level 2, the falling van sends them all back to Level 1.

After reading the FAQs, I still found that the storyline is kinda difficult to analyse. Too deep liao... Tak boleh digest properly kott... Now I know why most people watched this movie twice or thrice. They need repeats to analyse the whole dream concept and story thoroughly!!!!

Anyway, though the movie's tad complicated. I still think it's a good movie. Why? I still felt strong suspense throughout the entire movie... Umm... Regardless to the fact that I lost track on the main storyline from the very beginning of the show -- not knowing what the spinning top is all about, and what exactly does it mean by limbo dream. 

Yeah, blame the POPCORNS!!! I missed the important lines because I was busy munching what... GrrrrrRRRrrrr....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SiGH... (@.@)

I don't know WHAT THE HELL is WRONG with me. I feel kinda tired lately. Never had enough sleep since last week. Plus, stress is building up day to day (production problems, work transfer issues, house issues, on-going issues, huge pimples without pus breaking out before that 'period'... bla-bla-bla).

I need a BREAK badly!!! I need to go for a travel OR sign up for activities that keep me occupied and stress free. Be it marathon, hiking, skytrex, or just jogging in the park. I have to do something to reduce stress and cope with my 'down-going' mood!!!!

Oh God, please help me cope with my mood instability!!! (-m-)